Learn more about Karacole

What is it?

Karacole is an online community focused on crafts and crafters.

The site is designed for people whose hobby is to create handmade objects and who want to share their passion.

Everybody can participate from curious, hobbyists to professional designers. Occasions to get involved are numerous: scrapbooking with the kids, needlework, ambitious projects or creative experiences.

To preview site screenshots, take the tour here.

Why signup?

Once registered, you'll get access to all the sections of the site, including a personal space that we call "My Notebook" and a profile page to present yourself.

  • Track your favorite design ideas when browsing the site database.
  • Share your satisfaction (or your doubts!) by showing your own work.
  • Follow up your friends' works by reading their updates.
  • Join groups of passionate people for more focused discussions.
  • And do that in an friendly and secure environment.

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Designers, join the site!

Karacole can help you promote for free your original designs among the community. You'll also get for free a dedicated page to present yourself as a designer and link your designs. In addition, you'll certainly get the opportunity to share informally with a public that you may not have met otherwise.

Just check before that members can actually access your designs through a published source (book, magazine, blog or website), for free or not. Learn more about this here.


Where comes the idea of such a site?

For years now, we've been looking for a user friendly space on the Internet relating to our passion for crafts and could not find it. Forums, blogs, online magazines and e-marchants were of course everywhere on the Internet, but...

  • How could I filter contents by quality?
  • How could I share my work without the burden of a blog?
  • How to find relevant sources whithout googling for hours or surfing on spammed directories?
  • ...

Karacole tries to give an answer through a community, as well as a few helpers.

Is Karacole competing with my blog?

Not at all. Karacole is not a blog and does not steal your contents. You can link your own blog on your profile page on Karacole to promote it among the community.

Can I use the site to share pictures online?

You can add photos of your work and original designs by uploading them to the site. However, Karacole is not a photo sharing service and your storage space will be more limited than what you would expect from such providers.

What about my personal data?

We don't use your personal data for commercial purposes. If one day we had such a project, you will be noticed. It would not happen without your consent and a clear information from us.

More on privacy.

Is my email address secured?

Your email is never given or sold to third parties, nor displayed to other site members.

On your side: never mention your email address in your comments on the site and messages to other site members. We could not help in case of bad usage.

How is the project funded?

The site is not linked to any brand or merchant in particular. The membership is free thanks to affiliation programs and ads displayed on the site.

But who is behind the scene?

My name is Marc Raynaud and I live in Paris, France. My alias is "marcopolo" on the site.

I work as a journalist or a PR agency. How can I contact you?

Please visit our press room.