About Karacole


Marc Raynaud (Karacole loisirs créatifs)
presse @ karacole.com

What is Karacole?

Karacole is an online community focused on crafts and crafters and operated over the Internet. Its mission is to provide a friendly space for free to all enthusiasts where they can share their work, view others' work, exchange tips and discover relevant sources.

Karacole is for passionate people who create handmade objects for entertainment purposes: the curious, hobbyists, experts and designers. For the latter, Karacole may also be a convenient means by which to promote a book, a design featured in a magazine, a website or an event about crafts.

The site is not linked to any brand or merchant in particular. Its founder lives in Paris, France. He had no difficulty selecting the central theme of this first project, as several members of his family are already crafts enthusiasts.

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