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Showcase your original designs Showcase your original designs Showcase your original designs

Showcase your original designs

Get a dedicated page for your designs ideas.

Share with your fans

Get feedback from your current and future public.

Promote yourself

Promote your events and increase your network.

Add your own design ideas

Add and describe, at your own pace, your original designs and let members know where they can find

the instructions for your designs: for free or to purchase (books, magazines, websites, kits, etc.).

Share about your favorite hobby, how-to, news of your local club and much more.<br /><br />Share also photos in group albums. Everyone can also create its own group!

Set up & customise a free showroom

Promote your work as a designer by putting together a dedicated showroom page -

showcasing your personal foreword and design ideas, which are already added to the site database.

Every member gets for free its own personal page.<br /><br /> Customize it! Talk about yourself, promote your blog and designs...

Share with your fans

Site Members can now link their work with your original designs and discover your portfolio.

Don't miss the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas with them!

Karacole has a forum too!<br /><br />Start your own topics, Swap your work, Give your Feedback about the site.

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